• Anja Leuenberger

Anja Leuenberger / My Story

My name is Anja Leuenberger I am 26 years old, born and raised in Switzerland and I have been a model for over 12 years.

​In my job the question how to eat right and healthy has always been a topic.

From agents which are telling you to lose weight for jobs, to how do I travel around the world and sometimes have more than 12 hour days, keeping my self healthy and energized. You are literally what you eat. I always questioned a lot people told me in life.

Growing older I always had a wrong feeling about eating animals.

As I started traveling as a Model, I somehow had the need to inform myself about animal farming and how life would be with cutting out meat. After watching many documentaries and doing my research. It is very important, to know where you will get your Protein,Iron and Calcium in a Plant-based diet. From one day to another I stopped eating meat. I never liked seafood my entire life by the way.

After a year of living in new york, I’ve learned a lot about processed food, toxic chemicals in food, what cheap meat really means and that with every time I purchase eggs, cheese and dairy milk I support Farms which treat animals like they have no souls or sense of pain. They have no rights and the laws are not strong or good enough to protect them. I am such a big animal lover, i could not kill a fly. Animals need to suffer their short life span for a few minutes of your joy. But if you understand how meat is produced in America and in farms all over the world. The feeling of joy while looking on your dinner table with some meat on it will be gone real fast. So seeing, reading all of this new information I was shocked and changed my eating habits daily.

I am a proud vegan for almost 4 years now :)


With this website I want to inspire people all over the world to change their eating habits.

Show them that vegan food is not boring and absolutely delicious.