• Anja Leuenberger

My Vegan Vacation to Mexico

I had a lovely vacation in Tulum Mexico and wanted to share some of it with you all :)

Vegan food possibilities in Tulum are never ending and so delicious.

Nowhere in Tulum will you find plastic straws besides them you buy coconuts on the streets. They are really aware about the impact plastic straws and plastic in general has on our Eco system !

On every beach or just general street walks I always collected plastic , unfortunately many tourists and locals are not too aware of recycling and not throwing trash on the streets. But I also sadly noticed there aren't a lot trash cans out there.

I stayed at Papaya Playa, I don't wanna promote Tulum at all because it is being exploited right now. But papaya Playa is a different kind of hotel. They are really aware and all based on nature. Their Paths to the rooms are build up high for ground protection and they let raccoons, guinea pigs and ant eaters live there :)

I also went to visit a beautiful monkey sanctuary , where they rescue monkeys and other animals from bad buyers who wanna make money with them , so they let them take pictures in abusive ways all day. They have zero support from the goverment and depend on donations and visitors ;

Also they only way they let you take picture with the animals is with their sanctuary photographer , the animals don't suffer they get treats and love and a lot of breaks . You aren't allowed to bring your phone, because they let you buy the pictures in the end and use the money for donations ( Cages , Water , Food ) only 25% is salary for the workers and 75% is for the animals and their needs. Obviously their goal is to hopefully release the 3rd or 4th generation back into the wild.

I meditated every single day in front of the ocean and practiced being grateful .

Nothing is more important than being grateful and appreciative every single day

Links to Sanctuary and Hotel :